Glossopdale School

School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory for all students from Years 7-11 when attending school, representing the school, travelling to and from school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours.

We expect all parents, carers and staff to support the view that uniform helps to create an orderly atmosphere which is conducive to learning and reflects a positive image in the community.

For Post 16 students, please see the separate dress code. Uniform is not compulsory for students in the Sixth Form. Students should however, dress in a smart/casual and business like manner.

Our full uniform leaflet can be viewed in policies Here


School Wear

  • Black school blazer with school logo
  • White Shirt (shirts not blouses) - Short or long sleeved. Shirts must be long enough to be tucked in at all times
  • School tie (Year 7&8 - gold with blue stripes, Year 9&10 blue with gold stripes, Year 11 black with gold stripes)
  • Regulation black tailored black trousers; neither skinny, tight nor baggy; nor excessively flared, not denim, brushed denim or canvas fabric
  • Medium length/on the knee, black school skirt with at least one pleat
  • Suitable and sensible black shoes leather/leather look, white or black socks (not above knee level). Shoes must not contain white or coloured logos.
  • Plain  black ankle socks or  black opaque tights can be worn with skirt
  • Plain school bag fit for purpose 
  • Skirts, trousers and shoes must be practical and formal, not fashion items 

Items not permitted

  • Open-toed sandals, wedges & high heels.
  • Jeans, tracksuits, leggings, tight skinny trousers & short ‘pull-on’ skirts.
  • No clothes to be ‘figure hugging’
  • Hooded tops are not allowed around school
  • Coloured laces in shoes (only black permitted)
  • No boots to be worn
  • Belts should be black, not coloured. No large buckles with emblems/logos
  • Optional Items (girls&boys) 
  • Royal blue V-neck jumper or cardigan with school logo 
  • Outdoor coat- sensible and fit for purpose, Hoodies are not to be used as an outdoor coat 
  • Blazers must be worn at all times during the school day and to and from school. Teachers may give permission for blazers to be removed in the classroom. During warm weather, when a decision has been made by Senior Staff, students may remove blazers during lunchtime and breaks.  



PE Wear

  • Black polo shirt with school logo
  • Black shorts with school logo
  • Black football socks or plain white sports socks
  • Black hoodie with school logo (optional)
  • Black jogging pants/leggings (optional)
  • Black shower proof jacket (optional)
  • Indoor sensible sports shoes
  • Outdoor sensible sports shoes

Uniform Stockist and Supplier

  • School Uniform is available from various retailers including Bulldog Fashions - Glossop
  • School ties can only be purchased from Glossopdale School- £3.50
  • Glossopdale School logo badges for the blazer can also be purchased from school if a plain blazer is purchased - £4.50

Jewellery, Make-up & Hairstyles

  • Stud earrings: one pair of studs in lower ear (not sleepers)
  • Watch
  • Earrings are not allowed in tops of ears
  • Other visible body piercing is not allowed
  • No other items of body jewellery are allowed 
  • False eyelashes, false nails, nail extensions and nail varnish are not permitted
  • Make up, in moderation, is only permitted to cover blemishes
  • Students wearing too much make-up and/ or false eyelashes will be required to remove it/ them 
  • Students wearing false nails, nail extensions or nail varnish will be required to remove them; refusal to do so will result in a period of isolation until the issue is corrected


  • Hair may not be worn in extreme or outrageous styles
  • Students are not permitted to be shaven bald or have  number one cuts. Haircuts where patterns, stripes words or letters have been cut into student's hair are not permitted
  • Hair colour must only be that of natural shades
  • Hair extensions may not be worn
  • We may ask students with long hair to tie their hair back in certain situations for health and safety reasons
  •  Headbands can be worn but must be plain black
  • Big bows and large clips are not permitted

Safety Requirements

In Science and other practical subjects it may be necessary to tie back long hair during practical work and to wear lab coats or aprons to protect clothing. These will be provided by the school. 

Our full uniform leaflet can be viewed in policies Here